Our Vision is a world in which the voice of the people is louder than the voice of corporate-owned press. Where news is accessible, relevant, independent and investigative. And where people are empowered to raise issues and share their own stories.

We are a collective of people from across the North East who believe we deserve better than what is currently being offered to us, by way of the main stream media.

We seek to develop alternative media platforms, to produce journalism as it should be – independent and investigative, publishing stories that you cannot find elsewhere.

We are supporting people to tell their own stories through training up citizen journalists and developing a quarterly tabloid publication that we deliver free to peoples doors, hand to hand in town centres and taking it into the communities, currently being failed by the mainstream newspapers.

We offer a refreshing and hopeful alternative, not focussing on doom and gloom, sensational gossip or celebrity scandal. Instead we scrutinise the wider issues behind the daily news, investigate stories that are underrepresented in the existing media, challenge the powerful and champion those who feel they have no power.

In all we do, we try to reflect the rich knowledge and culture of the north of England, ensuring local people are at the heart of all we do. We seek to build and create community, spaces for conversation and networks for people to be a part of, to understand common issues and be empowered to do something about those issues. 

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    Come join us to distribute!

    It's time to get the paper out and into people's hands. Come join us for one of our distribution events for Eclipse #2 The We Are Our Media team will be there at each event with a big stack of papers and together we will spend a couple of hours getting them into people's hands, talking about the paper, chatting on and having a merry old time. As the stack reduces and as we wind down we will head to a nearby cafe and treat everyone to a warm drink and a sugary snack. Dates and locations are below - if you can RSVP using the links that would be brilliant so we know who is coming! Sunday 23rd September, Haymarket Bus Station, Newcastle, 11am -2pm   Saturday 29th September, Durham Centre, 11am -2pm Saturday 6th October, Byker, 10am - 1pm Saturday 6th October, Stockton, 11am -2pm Saturday 13th October, North Shields, 10am - 1pm Saturday 20th October, Benwell & Elswick, 10am - 1pm Saturday 27th October, Gateshead, 10am - 1pm Saturday 27th October, Middlesborough, 11am -2pm Saturday 3rd November, Durham Centre, 11am -2pm Saturday 10th November, Haymarket Bus Station, Newcastle, 10am - 1pm
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    Eclipse 2 is coming!!

    We're excited to announce we are launching Eclipse 2! Hundreds of people all across the North East have come together to create the second edition of our alternative tabloid, The Eclipse.  It's been months in development, photographers, writers, artists, campaigners, mothers, grandmas, young people, wrestlers, surfers and so many others, all sharing their stories, gifts and talents to create this amazing publication.  Next week we are sending our final order to the printers and by next Friday we will have Eclipse 2 in our hands - So we want to celebrate and we want you to join us!  
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