We Are Our Media is a collective of people from across the North East who believe we deserve better than what is currently being offered to us, by way of the main stream media.

Extremely popular publications, present themselves as being for ordinary people, yet we see too much evidence that they are actually driven by a small powerful elite with a narrow agenda of selling papers through creating division and fear, exploiting the powerless and demonising the vulnerable. 

We seek to develop alternative media platforms, to produce journalism as it should be – independent and investigative, publishing stories that you cannot find elsewhere.

We are supporting people to tell their own stories through training up citizen journalists and developing a quarterly tabloid publication that we will deliver free to peoples doors, taking it into communities currently being failed by the mainstream newspapers.

We will offer a refreshing and hopeful alternative, not focussing on doom and gloom, sensational gossip or celebrity scandal. Instead it will scrutinise the wider issues behind the daily news, investigate stories that are underrepresented in the existing media and will challenge the powerful and champion the powerless.

It will tap into and reflect the rich knowledge and culture of the north of England. It will include humour, presenting information and ideas in fresh and playful ways.