Who Are We?

We Are Our Media is a grassroots media collective, made up of individuals and groups from across the North East who believe in the need for a more grassroots, investigative and inclusive process for creating and sharing stories, ideas and news. We are a diverse group in gender, race, class and journalistic experience and aim to represent this diversity in all aspects of our activity.
What’s Our Vision?

A world in which the voice of the people is louder than the voice of the corporate-owned press. Where news is accessible, relevant, independent and investigative. And where people are empowered to raise issues and share their own stories.

Our Aims

  • To scrutinise the wider issues behind the daily news.
  • To investigate stories that are underrepresented in the existing media.
  • To challenge the powerful and champion the powerless.
  • To reflect the rich knowledge and culture of the north of England.
  • To produce journalism as it should be – independent and investigative, publishing stories that you cannot find elsewhere.
  • To encourage contributions that strive to represent diversity on gender, race, class and other marginalised perspectives.
  • To support and encourage its readers to contribute and provide opportunities for skill and resource sharing within every area of production.

What Do We Do?
We develop alternative media publications and platforms, to share hidden voices alongside accessible, relevant, independent and investigative news. We also empower people to tell their own stories and raise issues that may be affecting them or their communities.
This includes

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