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£5,000.00 raised
GOAL: £5,000.00

We have reached our target - thank you to everyone who has donated!! We will now be able to print and distribute 20,000 copies of the The Eclipse edition 2. If we raise more than £5’000 we will put it straight in the pot towards the cost of edition 3 so please still donate. Every copy costs us 25p, so every donation increases the number of copies we can commit to. Donate £25 and we will print 100 copies, donate £1000 and we’ll print 4000!

What is The Eclipse?

The Eclipse is an alternative tabloid: telling unheard stories, giving a platform to ordinary people and providing training for local, citizen journalists.

This newspaper is part of our vision for a society in which the voice of the people is louder than the voice of corporate-owned press. Where news is accessible, relevant, independent and investigative. And where people are empowered to raise issues and share their own stories.

The first edition of The Eclipse was printed at the end of last year and 10,000 copies made their way into the hands of local people living in the North East. It went down a storm. You can read it and find out more here.

For edition 2, we want to double our distribution, but we can only do that with your financial support.

Every copy costs us 25p - so £5 would give us 20 copies. £25 would give us 100.

Why a Crowdfunder?

We are unlike mainstream tabloids in that we are financially independent. We’re run for the people, by the people - in terms of time, money and effort. In order for us to stay this way, for us to continue to provide the people of the North East with an amazing, independent and free tabloid newspaper, we need your cash.

Whether you’re able to give £5 or £500, every donation will put this newspaper directly into someone’s hand.

Donate Directly?

We know some people would prefer to make a donation directly into our bank account instead of donating here. If so, great, our bank details are.. The Coop Bank. Sort Code 08-90-66 Account no. 05018987

This crowdfunder is purely paying for production, printing and distribution. The cost of creating The Eclipse is actually much higher, as it involves the time and skills of editors, sub editors, journalists, writers, illustrators, photographers, workshop tutors and community engagement teams; as well as the additional costs of workshop space, meetings, management, admin, fundraising and governance. All of these costs have been covered by previous philanthropic donations, or by amazing people volunteering their time.

Want to know more?

(See more about us here)

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