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Popular tabloids present themselves as being for ordinary people, yet we know they're actually owned by a small group of a rich and powerful elite. Often driven by a narrow agenda, to divide our communities and sell papers - no matter the cost or who they exploit.

To create an alternative media we need to compete with the billions of pounds, the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Viscount Rothmere have behind them. We need you and we need funds. 

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Each edition of 10,000 newspaper costs us around £10,000 (this includes print and production costs and also supports our community engagement)- This means we need to raise £10,000 every 3 months.  The best way we can do that is by a lot of people committing a small regular amount every month

If 200 people can donate £16 a month, we will have achieved our goal.

We understand some people will prefer to give us a one off donation though, so you can also do that here.

£16 per month will pay for 48 papers every quarter, delivered directly to our target readers door 

A one off donation of £20 will pay for 20 papers delivered directly into a target area

£100 will get you 100 copies to distribute within your local area