Wanted - Writers for The Eclipse Issue 2 - July 2018

Invitation to submit your article idea

We Are Our Media is looking for stories, writers, photographers and illustrators for Issue Two of The Eclipse newspaper, an alternative tabloid for the North East.

  • Is there a news story that you want to tell?
  • Is it about something that people need to know about?
  • Is it from a hidden voice or about something we don’t hear enough about in the media?

Our first call out for submissions of article ideas is now open and ends on the 3rd July at 12pm.

We want to hear from you.

Don't worry if it's not a full formed article or idea, currently we just want an overview of what you would like to write about and we will be back in touch later with more details.

Even if you have little or no writing or journalism experience, we can help and support you to tell your story. We are particularly looking for stories around the theme of 'Unheard' but we are happy to accept pitches on any subject that YOU think people in North East should know about.

Why 'Unheard'?

People, particularly in the North East, report feeling unheard, forgotten or left behind.  Despite so much technology that is designed to connect us and bring us closer, we live in one of the most disconnected societies that history has ever known and more and more people are living increasingly isolated lives.

Any sense of community or society is all but disappearing. Institutions that once brought people together are dying and those without access to technology are becoming cut off from those around them. 

Alongside this, many loud, dominant voices drown out our everyday stories, our family news, or stop us from sharing our own hopes and fears; contributing to this feeling of being ignored, unheard or forgotten.

This edition of The Eclipse seeks to turn this society norm on its head.  

We want to give a voice to everyday people, unearth hidden stories, be a platform for people to have their voice heard, and shout about projects and people who bring people and communities together, especially those who challenge the status quo.  

We want to dig deeper into the reasons why society is the way it is, but we also want to explore how we can change it for the benefit of all.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for a diverse range of content that engages with this theme  in the style of a tabloid newspaper, e.g. news, entertainment, comment, sport, etc.

Contributions could include news writing, interviews, satire, illustration, photography, an obituary, first hand account of a story, or a deeper investigation into the bigger picture on a national or international scale. (For more info on what we look for in a contribution click here)

If you would like to contribute to this publication, we ask that you complete a short expression of interest here.

Text articles range from:

News stories (550 words), Features (700 words), Short Reads (250 words) and Snap Articles (150 words).

Payment details:

As we are a very young voluntary organisation, we can only pay commissioned photographers and illustrators at this time. We are committed to changing this as we grow.

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