listening to Communities

At the heart of our project is people and their voices.  Alongside creating a publication, we spend a lot of our time listening to and engaging with the communities around us. 

We do this through various techniques, from one to one meetings, group meetings, workshops and community visits.  Over the last two years we have engaged with mental health groups, women’s groups, youth projects, trade union's, cooperatives, local businesses, community food projects, refugee projects and anti-racism movements. We have learnt from existing alternative media groups such as The Bristol Cable, Bella Caledonia and South Leeds Life.

Our most adventurous activity, as yet, has been the recently concluded 'Do It Ourselves Journalism' course, which took place at The Recovery College Collective and enabled 40+ people to learn various aspects of ‘citizen; and ‘do it ourselves’ journalism.

We will continue to deliver workshops and visit projects throughout the North East, if you would like us to come to deliver a workshop with a group you are involved with, please email us at

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