Pancakes and Next Steps

Pancakes, and next steps ...

About twenty five of us met on Pancake Tuesday, to begin to work towards the second edition of The Eclipse.

Since the first edition, a small group of us have been meeting behind the scenes to develop a bit of a road map of where we go from here. We recognise that to produce a second issue (and beyond), we need to create a solid and sustainable organisation that enables those issues to happen. We need to learn the lessons from the first edition in the content and process of content creation, hopefully ensuring that issue two and how it comes together is even better than the first and finally, we need to raise the funds to make future editions happen.


Part of the session (which included pancakes) allowed us all to collectively do some of that listening and learning, hearing from those present in what was a ‘hit, miss or maybe’ about issue one. It also gave us an opportunity to share some of the road map, and develop some 'action groups' who would help move various aspects of the newspaper forward.

Action Groups

We have split some of the up and coming work of the paper into four areas.  We know there will be more than this, but we felt these were some of the key areas to be moving forward with. 

They are as follows

1. Building the infrastructure / vessel - Public meetings, peer support & accountability, new people, new places, growing the net
2. Road to Production – Reaching people, listening, workshops, Do It Ourselves Journalism, identify stories, share skills, explore issues
3. Production - Commissions, writers, photographers, illustrators, Cold Submissions, Inviting Content Creators, Writers, Edit and Design
4. Getting it out there - Marketing, Fundraising and Communication - Relationships, social media, on-line, crowd funders, fundraising

What next?

Over the coming months, there is likely to be one off or regular sessions, exploring these 5 core areas.
We will be collectively meeting again on Monday 19th March (time and venue tbc).

Can you help?
Are you interested in any of these areas?
Could you support this project in some way (no experience necessary)?
Have we missed anything, would you want to lead in an area we have not thought of?
If so, please get in touch: or see our get involved page

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