People Vs Profit

Theme: People Vs Profit

We are investigating whether people or profit comes first in our society, and are looking for content that gives evidence of when people do or don’t come first, what is the impact of this and also what we can do to respond? 


Background: Despite the UK’s apparent improving material conditions, we are living unhealthier and unhappier lives. In the face of dramatic cuts to public services, a lack of opportunities for young people, the growing housing crisis, rise in insecure employment, homelessness and depression we ask: who is society working for, and who or what is coming first people, or profit?

We are looking for a diverse range of content that engages with this theme across the full spectrum of a tabloid newspaper e.g. News, Satire, Entertainment, Comment, Sport, etc. We are especially interested in content that gives voice to otherwise unheard individuals, groups or collectives and to ideas or thoughts often neglected within the mainstream media.

Contributions could include news writing, interviews, illustration, photography or an obituary for an inspiring life lived. Contributions could perhaps be an account of a story experienced first-hand, or perhaps a deeper investigation into the bigger picture on a national or international scale.

If you would like to contribute to this publication, we ask that you complete a short expression of interest,

The deadline for expressions of interest is 10am Wednesday 16th August 2017.

We Can Support you

Whether you are an experienced journalist or contributing to a publication for the first time we welcome your proposal. If you need support in writing your story or simply want to share something that is happening around you then please get in touch. If you any questions you can contact us at

Text articles range from: General Articles (550 words), Long Reads (700 words), Short Reads (250 words) and Snap Articles (150words).

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