Submission Guidance

We Are Our Media is a collective of people from across the North East who are creating an alternative tabloid newspaper that brings together community activism and trustworthy journalism. The first edition of our newspaper, The Eclipse came out late 2017.

Although we look and feel like an ordinary tabloid newspaper, we present content, that asks the difficult questions, tells the unheard stories and scrutinises the wider or hidden issues. Where possible we use humour and creativity in how we present the news. We are a diverse group in gender, race, class and Journalistic experience and aim to represent this diversity in all aspects of our activity.

What we are looking for in a contribution?


01. Diverse Content

We look for a diverse range of content that engages people across the full spectrum of a tabloid newspaper content e.g. News, Satire, Entertainment, Comment, Sport, etc.

Contributions could include news writing, interviews, illustration, photography or an obituary for an inspiring life lived. Contributions could perhaps be an account of a story experienced first-hand, or perhaps a deeper investigation into the bigger picture on a national or international scale.

02. Hidden Stories, Unheard Voices
There are many voices and stories that aren’t heard within the mainstream media and everyday conversation. Perhaps this is because they aren’t seen as important, aren’t popular, don’t sell or don’t fit a certain word view. We exist to counter this. We invite writers to uncover these hidden stories. It doesn’t need to be a popular subject, but something that we think is an important story or idea to be heard. Be brave.

03. Stories that go deeper
We invite contributors to not only represent the ‘event’ within their story but also reflect on the broader world that surrounds the event. We invite contributors to think about, where possible, the ‘bigger picture’ or ‘hidden culture’ behind each event, experience or activity. We hope this method will encourage a broader understanding of events and their connection to the surrounding international and historical context.

04.New or fresh ways of presenting information
We are creating a tabloid publication, but we don’t want this to constrain new ideas for presenting information. We are open to playful and visual presentations of stories and ideas as much as traditional written formats.


At a glance: 7 key points for contributors
- Think about the human element in your story, who are the people affected, can you draw in their story, or other voices
- Causing outrage is ok and at times necessary, but back it up with what people can do to respond
- Articles should be interesting, engaging but also be a source of knowledge and learning
- Be conversational and real, we are not preaching but talking with people.
- We welcome contributions that constructively criticise the issues around us and ask the difficult questions
- We welcome stories that go deeper, we want to know the news behind the news
- Think about images, they are really important and can say a thousand words


What Can I Contribute?
We welcome a variety of types of articles or feature including first-person pieces, interviews, reviews, obituaries, etc.

01. Long reads: Informative and educational article,– these can be up to 800 words, + strong image(s) or illustration

02. General article: These can be around any subject but are more lighter and less in depth than a long read, (Although could link to a long read) – 400-550 words

03. Real life stories: stories written from an individual’s perspective; A kind of bare all this happened to me – 400-550 words, + strong image(s).

04. Short read: Short thought provoking features or articles that cause a reader to stop and think – they may link to a longer read – 100-250 words

05. Photo Essays: They are an article that is told through imagery and photo’s

06. Cartoon or illustration: We welcome an issue being explained through graphic design, illustration or cartoons.

07. Other? – pitch an idea.

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