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100 donors

We are run mostly by volunteers and have only a small amount of funds. To create an alternative media, we need to compete with the billions of pounds, the mainstream press have behind them 

We need you and we need funds.

Can you donate a few pounds every month?

If just 100 people can donate £17 a month, we will be able to sustain and develop our work for the next few years. Continuing to create a regular newspaper, listen to communities and train up and develop citizens in journalism and storytelling skills.

Costs that go into creating the paper and the wider project, are production, editors, sub editors, workshop tutors, workshop space, meeting costs, management, admin, fundraising, governance, photography, illustration, writers and community engagement. Because of all the amazing people who are giving and donating their time and skills for free and also because of previous charitable donations, we are able to do a lot of what we do on a shoestring.

Going forward though we need to be sustainable. We estimate our core costs are around £20'000 a year. On top of this, each publication of 20,000 newspapers costs around £5,000 which we will raise funds for separately (see our latest crowdfunder)
The best way we can raise these funds is by a lot of people committing a small regular amount every month.

We understand some people will prefer to give us a one off donation though, so you can also do that here