What we do

The Eclipse - Alternative Tabloid for the North is one of our productions - It is a red top newspaper that looks and feels like an ordinary tabloid, yet presents ideas and stories in fresh and playful ways. It is light and humorous whilst at same time, investigating issues and going deeper. Through The Eclipse we aim to ask difficult questions, tell the unheard stories and scrutinise the many wider or hidden issues affecting society and each other’s lives as a whole. (Read more & download a copy here)

Journalism workshops - We regularly host workshops either one off or a programme of sessions around particular journalism skills, including creating headlines, writing for tabloids, fact checking and using images.  All of our sessions are based on a sharing approach that nobody and all of us are experts. We learn together.  Our most adventurous activity, as yet was a 'Do It Ourselves Journalism' course, which took place at The Recovery College Collective. Through training up citizen journalists and enabled 40+ people to learn various aspects of ‘citizen; and ‘do it ourselves’ journalism.

Listening to Communities- We host workshops and meetings within various groups, communities and organisations across the North East including mental health groups, women’s groups, youth projects, a community pub and a residents group.  Air aim is to investigate people's current relationships with the media, find hidden voices, uncover untold stories and empower people to raise issues. (Read more here)

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