Why we need a new media?

In the UK we have a problem with our media and it's effecting our communities, peoples lives and our country as a whole.  

Popular tabloids present themselves as being for ordinary people, yet we know they're actually owned by a small group of a rich and powerful elite. Often driven by a narrow agenda, to divide our communities and sell papers - no matter the cost or who they exploit.  They demonise the vulnerable with senseless attacks on the powerless, families and individuals dependent on benefits and social services, migrants and refugees, the homeless and those in unstable work, including attacks on the trade unions and organisations who work to protect their rights. They mostly ignore those with no voice.

Even more reputable media establishments have faced cutbacks and cost-saving exercises which has led to the loss of experienced journalists. This has led to a big reduction in the quality of reporting, within national, regional and local newspapers, radio stations, TV broadcasters and magazines.

This coupled with the rise of fake news means our media is broken - and it is affecting people’s lives, our communities and the quality of life experienced by many.  

For a community to function well it needs, among other things, accurate and honest information to which journalism, if conducted well, can be a significant contributor.

So we are proposing a solution - We want to develop our own media; to tell our own stories, sharing the things that matter to us, investigating issues fairly & honestly, inspiring hope instead of fear. A tabloid for the people! By the people

We are gathering people all across the North East - Activists, ex journalists & newspaper editors, women, teachers, trade unionists, doctors, nurses, students, artists and mental health sufferers to create a new kind of newspaper - One that is created by its readers: a trustworthy news source that voices concerns without blaming or fear mongering, a newspaper that exposes crises whilst also highlighting positive action for a brighter future.

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