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We are our Media is a collective of people from across the North East who are creating an alternative tabloid newspaper that brings together community activism and trustworthy journalism. The first edition of our newspaper, The Eclipse came out late 2017.  

Submissions for Edition Two are now closed but you are welcome to submit future article ideas here

We look for a diverse range of content that engages people across the full spectrum of a tabloid newspaper content e.g. News, Satire, Entertainment, Comment, Sport, etc. We are especially interested in content that gives voice to otherwise unheard individuals, groups or collectives and ideas or thoughts often neglected within the mainstream media. For more info on what we are looking for read here

Contributions could include news writing, interviews, illustration, photography or an obituary for an inspiring life lived. Contributions could perhaps be an account of a story experienced first-hand, or perhaps a deeper investigation into the bigger picture on a national or international scale.

Text articles range from:

Short Reads (300 words), General Articles (550 words), Long Reads (700 words),  Snap Articles (150words)

We Can Support you:

Whether you are an experienced journalist or contributing to a publication for the first time we welcome your proposal. If you need support in writing your story or simply want to share something that is happening around you then please see our new writers guide here or you can contact us at weareourmedia@gmail.com

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